TIMBER REMIX – Who are they ?

Lampskärmarna i kollektionen TIMBER från Timber remix finns i sex olika storlekar, utföranden och personligheter.

Tillåt mig presentera kvinnorna i ordning :
Tiny Tea, Incredible Irene, Magnificent Madelen, Brilliant Britt, Ellinor the Empress & Rowdy Ronja

Tiny Tea
Hi, I’m Tiny Tea. Who are you ? Bear in mind I’m a little sensitive so please be kind to me. Mind you, I can be a bit cheeky sometimes. I’ll happily find stuff to do, to amuse myself and if you want to join in, that’s OK. Oh yeah, I’ll always find something to get up to, so what do you think we should do today ?
Who is Tiny Tea ?
She’s a very analytical type and has many thoughts about life and occurances Tiny Tea is an artistic soul and is always grabbing a pen and paper to draw something she finds interesting and fun. She’s a perfectionist and leaves nothing to chance. Everything must be perfect ! Her fiery, passionate temperament can show itself, if things don’t go the way she’d intended but take it easy, it’s nothing personal.
Just give her a couple of days and she’ll be her nice self again.

Incredible Irene
Good day ! I’m called Incredible Irene and nothing will give me greater pleasure than to see you happy. I like to have my nearest and dearest around me and if you feel good, then so do I ! If you feel even better, then I feel even better too. Not bad eh ?!
Who is Incredible Irene ?
She puts others before herself so that all around her feel as contented as possible. Sometimes Incredible Irene is too kind for her own good ! She’s very careful and won’t cause unnecessary offence. Not only that, she’ll be there to protect you whatever happens.

Magnificent Madelen
Hello, my name is Magnificent Madelen. Thank you so much for choosing to take care of me. I don’t think I’ll be able to get on with anyone else, now I’ve met you. Mmmm I like you a lot ! Let me just stand and shine, then I’ll be happy. I’m no more demanding than that !
Who is Magnificent Madalen ?
She is a ‘one persons lamp’ and chooses who she will socialise with. You could say she plays a little hard to get and is a bit reserved. But when you have her confidence, you have a friend who will look up to you. A little like a dog, she’ll always be faithful. Magnificent Madelen is lovely. A natural beauty.

Brilliant Britt
Put your hands in the air, come on, let’s dance everybody ! Hi, by the way, I’m Brilliant Britt and I love to dance. Frankly, I love being the centre of attention, so make sure you put me where I’m well seen. I love cats, coffee, music and you ! Yes you, even though we don’t even know each other yet but you look cool and I like that ! High five !
Who is Brilliant Britt ?
From the outside she looks elegant and calm. People who don’t know her, often describe her as classic and stylish but don’t let yourself be deceived. In reality, she’s wild and crazy ! Brilliant Britt is determined and outspoken.
This means she says exactly what she thinks and is not ashamed of it ! Adventurous as she is, I promise you, you’ll never be bored in the company of Brilliant Britt.

Ellinor the Empress
Hello, my name is Ellinor the Empress. People usually call me the mother hen, I wonder why ?! Perhaps it’s because I happily see to it that all around me are well and feeling good Speaking of that, I like to have a total view of my surroundings from every direction, to ensure everything is as it should be. People say I spread calm all around me with my energy and I can’t help but agree, for I am calm itself and I don’t like to be stressed at all. Just take it easy and feel good, yeah !
Who is Ellinor the empress ?
Well, she may be the smallest in the collection but also the one with the biggest heart. Everyone looks up to Ellinor the Empress for her goodness, understanding and wisdom. It’s hard not to love her. Everyone loves her and so will you soon.

Rowdy Ronja
Hi ! This is me, Rowdy Ronja and I ́m very happy to be your new best friend ! We will have a great time together you and I. This is a secret but since we now are best friends, I ́ll tell you everything. I ́m scared of the dark… So please let me be lit up every night !
Who is Rowdy Ronja ?
She makes you smile, but you don ́t know why. Maybe it ́s because she is just her self and as a result you have to be prepared for surprises. Rowdy Ronja is always happy, cheeky and frisky. She ́s very honest and open too. She always wants to be close to you and doesn ́t want to miss anything that ́s exciting.